Wes Vernon Commentary

As time permits, Wes writes a column in our newsletter, and his most recent ones are featured here.

May 2016 - The Current Metro Mess: Who Tried to Warn You?

August 2015 - Purple Line: Will the Trains Run Before We're All Dead?

November 2013 - Metrorail Out of Space: Air Traffic to Supplement?

December 2012 - Airport Authority's "Dirty Laundry" Aired on Capitol Hill... Silver Line: Collateral Damage?

July 2012 - Memo to Area Government: Fix Rail Transit First

June 2012 - Dulles Rail: Community Service or Special Interest Gravy Train

April 2012 - Bus Rapid Transit No Viable Substitute For Light Rail

February 2012 - The Streetcar: Back to Washington's Future

November 2011 - The Deep Roots of Montgomery County's Traffic Snarl

October 2011 - Metro's Escalators - Again?

September 2011 - Short Line Freight Path - Up Over 3,000% in Two Years

July 2011 - Were Highways This Difficult? Building a Rail Line: Like Pulling Teeth

June 2011 - The Past Sins of Today's Railroads

May 2011 - Dulles Rail: Can We Talk?

March 2011 - Super High-Speed for NEC: Vision or Mirage?

February 2011 - Crumbling Roads - Blame the Passenger Train?

January 2011 - Is Passenger Rail Security Possible? (Also Metro Escalators, Part 2)

December 2010 - Metro and Its Escalators: Simple Case of Good Old Fashioned Screw-Up?

November 2010 - So You Arrive By Train at the Station